Review : Anthony and the Ants

My youngest likes her food, she always has.  She isn't greedy and stops when she is full, but she does enjoy eating.  She likes to eat in peace and quiet and doesn't really like to share.  She really doesn't like it when our dog tries to take her food and does what she can to eat in peace  

Anthony the anteater has a similar problem.  He likes his food and wants to sit down and enjoy it.  Problem is every time he sits down to enjoy his food the ants have a habit of carrying it away.  Poor Anthony.  Anthony comes up with an idea to take his food far away.  The ants however have a better idea

They decide to share, just like the girls do [sometimes!]

Anthony and the ants by Gemma Raynor is a beautiful book which gives an important message at the end.

This book is part of the May Book Buddy from Parragon Books.  All words and opinions are my own. 

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