Review : Matalan School uniform

I can't believe my eldest starts school in September.  She doesn't feel old enough, after all she is only three.  Whilst I have got used to seeing her in uniform with her attending preschool this somehow feels different and I want to give her the best start possible.  When Matalan gave me the news we were part of their school bloggers team, I was incredibly happy.  I could give my daughter good quality school uniform and I knew she would look smart.

When she put on her uniform, I have to admit to getting a little teary, my daughter is growing up so fast, where has the time gone?  She looked so grown up and was ever so pleased she simply beamed with pride.

Matalan school uniform offers the full range, winter and summer uniforms and everything from underwear to shirts and dresses.  Each item has some beautiful finishing touches and are all finished really well.  The quality looks great and we have had some questions as to where we have got our uniform from, with people surprised when we say Matalan.

There are some lovely finishing touches with the Matalan school uniform.  I love how the summer dresses come with hair accessories and how there is beautiful stitching on the skirts.  I have had no problems with washing or ironing the uniform and even labelling with her name has been made easy thanks to a special name label inside.

In order to really put the Matalan school uniform to the test, I let my daughter do what she does best and that is play!  She has played inside and out, got it covered in dirt, dinner and even grass and each time the uniform has stood the test and come out clean.  Just to see how easy it is to play in your Matalan school uniform here is my daughter demonstrating how much she loves her uniform

I would love to know if you have tried Matalan School uniform and what you think of them, please leave me a comment to let me know, Thank you.

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  1. We've tried the Matalan school uniform range and we love it....
    I know what you mean about the little details....The stitching, pleats and bows!
    She looks so sweet in her uniform x

    1. Thank you, she looks so grown up to me. It is the little detail that really makes it

  2. That summer dress looks fab! I didn't know Matalan did school uniform, it definitely looks affordable! x


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