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A few weeks ago I took part in a twitter party talking about allergies and cleaning.  I was really interested to know more about how I could clean the house more effectively and remove any allergens.  I have an allergy to grass pollen, as well as other things and with my daughters eczema triggered by dust this was a topic of great interest to me.

As well as some great tips, e-cloth was mentioned quite a few times.  I was keen to try as the conversation highlighted how easy and effective e-cloth are to use.  E-cloth do not contain chemicals and only need water to clean.  Research conducted by Silliker also shows that e-cloth removes over 99% of bacteria and when rinsed under warm water only 0.01% of bacteria was reintroduced to a sterile surface.

I was keen to give them a try and started with the window cleaning cloths.  My girls have a lovely habit of putting sticky chocolate fingers on clean patio glass.  I absolutely hate cleaning glass, it can often be time consuming and leave streaks.  A quick solution would be fantastic.

I followed the instructions on e-cloth and wiped the window down with the wet cleaning cloth, then finished with the dry cloth.  I was amazed at how quick it was to clean the window and how the window was streak free.

e-cloth cleaning cloths

e-cloth provided a quick and easy solution to cleaning without the need for chemicals.

E-cloth has a range of products and I have even tried the polishing cloth, which was great for shining the chrome plug sockets.  I would love to try the mop as I have wooden and laminate floors for most of the house and I think it would be a great way to keep allergens under control.

I have often wondered how good these cloths really are, I have seen lots of different brands.  What makes e-cloth different is they come with a 3 year guarantee and because they are manufactured to a higher quality than other brands they are endorsed by companies such as AGA, Bosch, Electrolux, Smeg and Allergy Uk.

I have been impressed with the cleaning ability of e-cloth.  I have managed to reduce the time it takes to clean the house giving me more time with the girls.  As e-cloth uses only water I am no longer purchasing as many cleaning products, which means I have reduced my monthly spend and I feel that I am also helping my daughter by cleaning without using chemicals.

We were sent e-cloth the review, all words and opinions are my own.

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