Sensory garden experience

We were invited along to an event at Dobbies in Chesterfield for Growing up Milk.  We were looking forward to some green fingered fun.  The girls had fun exploring the garden centre and learning about all the plants they could eat, even trying some tomatoes.

The girls then began to explore the colours and textures.  

They even made a cheeky friend

The girls spotted a robin and went after him.  They soon stumbled upon some of the biggest leaves they had ever seen.

All this exploring in the hot sun was hungry work, so the girls settled down in the shade to enjoy a picnic.  

The girls decided to explore the garden centre further and came across some lovely wooden houses which they played in, before spotting some tents.  They then became rather interested in the tents.  Even picking one out .

The girls had a wonderful time exploring the garden centre.  It was a beautiful day in beautiful surroundings

This day I love a sensory garden experience 

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