Snow white and cow girl Minnie Mouse

When it is 8.30am and the girls have already decided that today they are only going to answer to Snow white and Minnie mouse you sort of know you are going to be having an interesting day.

My eldest is in a Disney Princess phase with Snow White one of her favourite characters.  My youngest loves Minnie Mouse.  In particular we read a story where Minnie dresses as a cow girl and it is one of her favourites, so she likes to dress as cowgirl Minnie.  They played outside for a while in their costumes before getting too hot and so got changed, however they didn't loose character.  

My eldest declared that Snow white was tired and needed a rest.  I have no idea why the orange glasses.  Snow White then asked one of the dwarves to push her.  This prompted my youngest to place a bag on her head and walk around the garden shouting hi ho, hi ho.  It was incredibly funny and rather imaginative.

Snow Whites chosen destination was of course the slide.

I love how the girls have started to play more together and how imagination is starting to feature more in their play.  It is so lovely to watch them and hear how they think.

This day I love Snow white and cow girl Minnie Mouse

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