Summer Adventure

Last Friday we were invited to a VIP event at Stockeld Park.  I have visited several times in the past with the girls and they always have a great time, it is beyond magical at Christmas.  It was a real privilege to be asked to attend and we were thrilled to be there for the launch of their summer adventure.

We arrived at Stockeld Park and my eldest immediately spotted the giant inflatable slide.  She could not be stopped and ran as fast as she could up to the top.  She loved it and kept going back for more.

One of my favourite parts is the giant air pillow and I would love one of my own if I had the space.  They are so much fun and both girls have a lot of giggles on them.  Oh and they are surrounded by sand.

The girls found some space hoppers laid around on the open grass.  The open space is perfect for running around on and generally having a good time.  We saw families having picnics and kids running around in the open space.

We had just enough time to tackle the maze before dinner.  Some cheeky gnomes had hidden some letters around the maze and this gave my eldest the opportunity to practise writing her letters.  Of course my youngest wanted to have a go too. 

It was almost dinner time and we were still in the maze.  We needed a time machine to get us out quick, lucky for use Dr Who had left the tardis in maze and so we used this to get out.

We had a wonderful BBQ sat on the grass in the sunshine.  My eldest wanted to sit on a space hopper to eat but soon realised it wasn't working well.  After our dinner we went for a walk around the Enchanted forest and played in the play ground.

We love the enchanted forest and could quite happily spend a day in there.  With fairy doors, interactive trees, Rapunzel and play grounds there is something for everyone.  

The girls still had a little bit of energy left so we played in the Farmers playground, which has so much for the girls to play on they were spoilt for choice.

We have visited Stockeld Park several times in the past and every time we go we find something else to explore and play with.  It really is a magical place that the girls love and as they get older they get to discover more.  We will certainly be visiting again.

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  1. wow what a great place to take your girls! my boys would have loved that huge slide!
    thanks for allowing me to use in my carnival (live from the 12th) x


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