Me and J

Once a week it's just me and Jasper as the girls are in nursery.  It is on this day that I go for a real exploring walk and I think J enjoys the walk without having to avoid a pushchair.  Plus we get to have a bit of a run.  This week however he would not budge.  I tried everything and he did not want to go, I think it must be the heat.

After a lot of persuasion I finally got him to move and we set off on our exploration.  He soon became too hot and I realised we had almost walked 4 miles.  It doesn't sound much but in the hot sunshine I think J felt it.  I decided to let him cool off in the stream and he took great pleasure in having a swim.

He began chasing and jumping on the leaves floating on the water, trying to dig the stones and catch the little fish in the stream.

I loved watching him cool down and secretly wished I could jump in too

This day I love me and J

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  1. Nice post! Love the last picture how contented he looks x


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