The wonder of pets.

My youngest daughter and our dog have such an amazing bond.  It has been there from the first time we brought her home.  He has always protected her and won't let anyone come near her, especially when she is in the pushchair.  She goes to him for cuddles and I can often find her cuddled up to him.  He knows when she is sad or feeling unwell and she knows he will always be there.

me and my dog

Having J has made me feel more secure at home, I know he will always watch out for us.  He has made me more active as I love to take him out with me to explore and he was with me during my training for the Yorkshire 3 Peaks.  This leads to a healthy heart and a healthy body.  I don't know what we would do without him, he is a part of our family.  

Sunrise Infographic
Provided by Sunrise
I would love to know your thoughts on owning a pet and if it has improved your quality of life.

This post is written in collaboration with Sunrise senior living.

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  1. Pets make perfect best friends...always listen and always loyal :)


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