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Most parents will have heard of Pourty, it's the potty which pours out the back. The potty is great for wee as it easily pours from the back thanks to the handy spout and can be wiped clean with ease. The potty itself doesn't feel heavy and can be easily lifted thanks to the conveniently located handle. This also aids with pouring. 

My daughter says the handle looks like a smile and this is something she really likes. The potty is sturdy when sat on, I have seen some others flex at the base and this has given me concerns about the stability, this was not the case with Pourty. It is light enough for my youngest to pick up too and she had no issues with sitting on it.

Pourty have grown and expanded their range, they now also do a step and a toilet seat.

Pourty seat and step

The Pourty toilet seat has the same shape as the potty this means a child is used to sitting on it. Transitioning from potty to toilet can be a huge step for some children, they can find the whole thing a bit daunting. Some just find it uncomfortable as they are not used to the seat on the toilet, it feels different to them than their potty that they are used to. The Pourty seat therefore helps with this transition. They are used to the seat already and the shape is kept the same. I must admit when I first saw the seat I was a little worried how stable it would be, given the back is missing but we have had no issues. The toilet seat is unique in that is can be altered to fit any sized toilet.

Toilets are often different shape and sizes. Finding a toilet seat that fits a range of toilets can be tricky. Whilst the majority of toilet training seats can be used, they often don't fit correctly. By this I mean they have a wobble when the child sits in them. This can often lead to a knock in the child's confidence of the toilet. The Pourty toilet seat can be adjusted to fit any toilet seat. This stops that wobble and the child feels more confident when sat on the toilet. We took the Pourty seat with us on our holidays as it meant that we knew the seat would fit and it would be a seat they were familiar with. We have found that with rectangular toilets the fit isn't great but it is still better than other seats we have used. Pourty do specify this on the instructions.

Pourty range

When a child is transitioning from potty to toilet it is great to encourage their independence. The Pourty step allows child to get on and off the toilet themselves. It can also then be easily moved so they can reach the sink to wash their hands. The step has a non slip top and is light enough that my youngest at 2 can easily pick the step up and move to where she needs it. The Pourty step often gets picked up and moved around the house for her to stand on as she feels fit. The Pourty step has also made a great place for my eldest to do some colouring on and I often find her using it as a desk.

Standing on step

The great thing about the Pourty range is that it is all light weight so that children can carry it and it is all easily cleaned. My youngest likes the Pourty logo of the cat and I really like that it creates a sense of familiarity so that the child's confidence can grow with potty training.

We were sent the Pourty range for the purpose of this review.  All words and opinions are my own.  The video is from Youtube and not my own video. 

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