A 4th birthday weekend

My eldest daughter recently turned 4.  She had requested a Princess party and asked for a Rapunzel and a Frozen birthday cake.  We had decided to do things a little different this year and give her a birthday weekend.

I spent Friday night making my Rapunzel cake, after baking a sponge cake I set about decorating it.

My first job was to decorate the sponge cake in purple icing, before making a plait.  I measured the circumference of the cake and rolled out three sausages from yellow icing to 1 and half the size of the circumference of the cake.

I began to plait in a similar way to how I do my daughters hair.  I used the plait to go around the base of the cake.

My next task was to create the sun on top.  I had printed out an image of the sun which I had created on the computer.  I then used baking paper to copy the image to make stencils.  I was able to press the stencils into some orange icing and cut round them with a knife to create the individual sections of the sun.  Then came the tricky part of reassembling the sun on the cake.

Using edible glue I then stuck edible stars round the side of the cake and some icing butterflies onto the plait.  I thought the purple looked a little plain, but I guess I could have left the stars off.

With the cake finished I headed off to bed but I didn't get much sleep as the birthday girl was up early and wanting to open her presents.

 The girls decided they both wanted to dress up like Snow White.  As my eldest always asks for a bouncy castle for her birthday I ordered her a Frozen themed one, which she absolutely loved. 

Before long it was time for lunch and to sit down and open her presents from her family.  She had been very specific with what she would like for her birthday.  Elsa dress, Anna dress and a Rapunzel dress

She could not believe it when she got all three.  She quickly put on Elsa and let her sister put on Anna.  My eldest was incredibly happy.

Before going back on the bouncy castle, we decided it would be a good idea to let our lunch settle and so we played Princess PlayMobil.

My eldest had a lovely day playing with friends and family.  It was lovely watching her and her sister dress up and play nicely together.  They were both tired from the bouncy castle which meant I then had the opportunity to get the next cake ready for her party.  A frozen cake.

I decided to keep it simple and decorated my sponge cake with a pale blue icing.  Using a snow flake cutter I cut out snowflakes from white icing and stuck them around the side, placing edible silver balls in the centre of each.  

Using edible glitter stars and edible glue I hand drew and stuck on the glitter stars to make the number 4.  I made 4 small snowflakes for the candles to sit in and  two larger snowflakes for decoration.  For Olaf I printed out the outline of Olaf and used this as a stencil to make the body, head and legs which I then placed on the cake.  I made a carrot nose from orange icing, simply by rolling a ball and then using my finger nails to make one end pointy.  His other features are all drawn on by hand using an icing pen.

After baking 4 cakes [each cake had 2 in] and decorating them I was tired and ready for bed.  As I headed upstairs I noticed that one of the girls had placed Princess Anna shoes by the front door.

The next morning the weather was miserable.  Heavy rain meant I had to find winter coats.  Luckily we had booked an indoor soft play for her birthday party.  The girls decided they wanted to dress up as Anna and Elsa from Frozen.  

It was lovely watching the girls play with their friends at the soft play.  Also in some ways quite sad because her friends were from Pre school and from September they will be at different schools.  The girls had lots of fun playing.  I was glad it was indoors as the rain did not stop.

The party seemed to go too fast and it was soon time to go home.  My eldest opened her presents from her friends when we got home and for the rest of the day spent playing with them with her sister.  She received some wonderful presents.  

Happy 4th Birthday to my beautiful Princess.

This day I love a 4th Birthday weekend.

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  1. You are so clever! Happy birthday to your big girl :-)


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