Review : Tomy Princess Potty

I have written a few posts on potty training, top tips, night time and my essentials list and with both my girls now potty trained we have tried a number of different potties.  I have never seen one quite like the Tomy Princess potty before.  For my girls who are Disney Princess obsessed this was the gold standard of potties.

Opening the potty

The Tomy Princess Potty does not look like any ordinary potty.  In fact that is the whole idea, as when closed it can be used as a step.  My youngest daughter likes to carry her Princess step to help her reach the fruit bowl or the biscuit tin, yes it is usually food related, or even to reach the sink to wash her hands.

Using Disney Princess potty as stepWashing hands

The Tomy Princess Potty is a 3 in 1 system.  The first, the step, I have mentioned above and the other two are a potty and a toilet seat.  You can transform the potty into a toilet seat which is a really clever idea.  This means children are familiar with the seat and can make the transition form potty to toilet easier.  You do need to be aware of this fact though when you come to clean the potty, else the rubber seat will fall out.  It is designed to do this for cleaning, but it can take you by surprise if you forget.

Princess on Potty

As it is a complete training system it is also great to take in the car, especially if holiday in the UK.  You have everything you need, step, potty and toilet seat all in one.  This meant we did not need to take these three items individually for the girls, they could simply share the one. 

What my youngest really loves is that there is a button at the side of the potty which makes a magical noise when pressed.  This is a lovely way of rewarding a child for sitting on the potty when they are potty training.  The Tomy Disney Princess 3 in 1 potty is perfect for any little Princess.

We were sent a Tomy Princess potty to review, all words and opinions are my own

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