Review : Mummy hooks

Whilst at a baby show I was struggling to carry my bags and push the pushchair.  The push chair I was using had a solid bar handle bar and I had used all the basket space.  Happy Mummy kindly gave me some Mummy Hooks, which I attached to the handle bar and was able to hang my shopping from it.

Each hook can hold 5Kg, 10kg in total as there are two hooks.  They attach via Velcro and the hook can swivel a full 360.  This is great because it can form a temporary solution that can last as long as needed.  The hook can fit onto either horizontal or vertical bar.  For full review of Mummy hooks from Happy Mummy please watch my You tube video

I was provided with one pack of hooks and decided to review them as I think they are a useful product.  No money has been exchanged.  All opinions are my own.

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