A shadow

Last weekend when I took the dog for his usual walk, we acquired a guest.  J started pulling on his lead to turn around, suggesting to me something was behind us.  He would bark if it was a person, so intrigued I turned to see a small dog.  This is nothing unusual so I continued the walk, only the dog continued to follow us.

I looked around and no one was in the park, I stood and wanted for 5 minutes but no one came.  I continued to walk and the dog continued to follow.  I have to walk part of our walk along a busy main road, concerned for the dogs safety I got my phone out of my pocket to ring my husband only to discover it had run out of battery.  I stopped everyone who walked past asking if they were looking for their dog and one very kind couple lent me their phone to ring my husband.

He came with a lead, but by this point the dog had already crossed the road and continued to follow us the last few steps.  

I wasn't sure what to do, as I did not know the history of the dog and how it would behave with the girls or with J.  As my Dad knows most of the dog walkers in our village I drove across for him to see if he recognised the dog.  My Dad hadn't seen him before and neither had any of the local dog walkers.  Our next stop was the vets.  

The vet scanned and there was a chip! I was excited at the prospect of helping him return home, unfortunately all the numbers came up blank and we were back to square one.  After ringing all the local kennels and dog warden, who were all closed on a Saturday night, I took to Facebook.

Following us home

One of my closest friends helped me with the search and she stumbled upon a lady who had lost a dog in the village where I live.  At around 1 am we had found the dogs owner, the power of Facebook.  I had left my little shadow with my parents for the evening, as I was still unsure how he would be with the girls.

Settled in at my parents house

The owners collected him first thing the next morning and he was very pleased to see them.  I am so glad we managed to find them and return him home safe.  Hopefully if my dog ever does decide to wander someone kind will find him and return him home safe to me too.

This day I love a shadow 

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  1. That's so lovely and well done you for going to so much effort to return him home safely. Let's hope the owners update his microchip details! x

  2. Aww that's such a lovely end to the story! Well done you for going through the trouble to get him back to his owner! x


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