The one where they watch friends

I recently received an invite to attend an event at the Everyman cinema in Leeds.  The event was hosted by Simplyhealth and its aim was to have a good time with friends, we certainly did.  My husband attended with me, this was his first event with other bloggers.

We arrived at Everyman cinema and I have to say it is different from any other cinema I have been to.  We had sofa to sit in rather than chairs and it was a lovely room perfect for watching a film with friends.  We were watching the first 4 episodes from Friends to mark the 10th anniversary of Friends ending or if you prefer the 20th anniversary of it starting, I feel old either which way.

It has been a while since I last watched the first few episodes of Friends, but it is good to know I still know them all almost word for word.  My husband and I had a real good laugh and it was nice to have some time together.

Husband and myself at Everyman cinema

I am a huge Friends fan so I feel really lucky to have been invited and want to say thank you to Simplyhealth for a lovely evening.

When we arrived home luckily the girls were fast asleep in bed but we were greeted by two other little friends.

Chicken and a Duck

A chicken and a duck.  It made me laugh and reminded me of Joey and Chandlers chick and duck.  Perhaps a fitting way to end the evening

This day I love the one where they watch friends.

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