A belated birthday post

My youngest daughter turned 2 in May.  I realised I had not written anything about her birthday and feel rather bad about it so here are the highlights from the day.

I didn't have much time to make her cake so decided on a simple animal theme.  I baked a round sponge cake and decorated with green icing.  I had found a very talented lady on Etsy, the cake top company, and I gave her my idea for the cake.  She made me the animals as a bespoke order and I was incredibly happy with them.  I love the animal cake, I think it worked well.

Continuing with the animal theme I ordered the girls these dresses from Wild things funky little dresses.  Any excuse for me to order a dress for the girls from here, I love the entire range and everything lasts well.  I also get lots of people asking where the dresses are from which is always nice to be unique. 

We decided to try and make the most of outdoors and give ourselves less to prepare the night before, so we settled on a BBQ.  It made a nice change that I didn't have extra the night before and it was good that everyone had plenty to eat and enjoyed the food.

I had asked for people who wanted to bring presents to buy clothes, as my youngest daughter is now in the same size clothes as my eldest, meaning the hand me down phase has gone.  She got lots of really lovely outfits but also got this car/trolley.  She still tries to sit in the car bit.

We had close family round for the birthday and everyone had fun on the bouncy castle.  My youngest tired herself out and was asleep when they came to collect it.  This meant my eldest got to have some fun helping to put it away.

As the clouds came over in the early evening so did two parachutes.  I have never seen them come past the house before.  My eldest stood outside and watched them both float away into the distance.  A truly lovely birthday

This day I love a belated birthday post

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  1. Those dresses really are lovely. My two boys have the same problem of being the same clothes size. At one stage the younger one weighed more than the older one! Happy belated birthday xxx


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