When you wish upon a star

My girls currently have 1 wish and that is to go on holiday to see Minnie Mouse.  They both love Minnie mouse and the Disney characters, so much so that we have Disney songs in the car.  We watch the Disney channel and Disney films and even in their imaginative play Disney features.  [this is them dressed up as a dwarf and snow white in case you wondered]

They recently needed new shoes and you guessed it we had to search high and low until we found Minnie Mouse shoes.

It would therefore be amazing if we could take the girls to Disney land.  The girls are currently in the final of a competition to win this amazing trip and you could help in less than 2 minutes.  All you need to do is click this link http://mediarelations.org.uk/canvascompetition/competition/ then scroll down the pictures until you see the one of the girls [they are Minnie Mouse and Snow White] then press vote, it is that quick and simple to do.  No forms to fill in and no details to give, just two mouse clicks.  So please if you could spare a few minutes then my girls would really appreciate it.  Voting in the competition closes this Friday the 8th August.

Thank you so much!

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