I picked my eldest up from school and she was in rather a giddy mood.  Having not had any play-dough for a while we set about making some using our recipe in this post.  We used our play-dough to help my daughter with her homework.  I had downloaded some play-dough mats from Twinkl and used these to practise her letters.

After we had practised our letters my little monster wanted to get creative.  So we had some fun creating our own monsters.

We moulded the play-dough into various shapes until we had one we liked to make a face.  I brought out the box of Mr Potato head shapes and some of our art supplies.  I then let my daughters imagination take over.  She used everything she could before coming up with Pirate Pom Pom Feathers.

Pirate Pom Pom feathers is a cheeky monster.  He likes to tickle with his tickling feathers and make you giggle with his Pom Pom cheeks.  He has a cheeky grin and big lips for lots of kissing.  Pirate Pom Pom feathers is lots of fun and loves to play.

I would love to see what monsters you can create.   There is a competition with mattress on line for children under 10 to create their own monster and you can check out the gallery here.

This day I love Monsters!

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