Augmenting the bee in the city

The day before my eldest started school I took her to London for the day.  She loves the train and it was a great way to spend some time just the two of us. 

We arrived in London after an early start and my eldest helped to locate where we were going.  

Our first stop was the British museum.  Having never been before I was quite surprised at the size of it.  I also loved the way modern and old architecture came together.

I was not too sure how my eldest would feel about the museum, as she had never been to one.  We were about to try the new Gamar app.  The app aims to create a fun learning experience by bringing culture to life.  The idea is simple, hold a tablet or smart phone device in front of the object and watch it come to life.  Complete challenges and puzzles and by doing so increase your knowledge and understanding.

My eldest and I took part in the 'A gift for Athena' game which saw us completing challenges about the Parthenon temple.  We learnt a lot about ancient Greece and it was a lovely way to learn more about the statues in the museum.

My eldest was a little tired and although she could not read the story I could read it to her and she helped me complete the challenge.  Afterwards she did tell me she enjoyed the game and wanted to play again.  It was great to watch things come to life on the screen and have the ability to interact with the exhibits.  I think the app is more suited for children over 6, but my eldest at 4 still enjoyed herself.

After playing in the museum we headed for some lunch before having a walk along the Thames.  We were invited to attend the Bugaboo Bee 3 launch party and it was a nice way to do something a little different.

My eldest began by sitting down and colouring.  I think she needed the break from the walking and it was nice to sit down and relax. 

She was served some lovely milkshake and loved that she could eat and drink what she liked.

For as long as I can remember she has wanted her face painting like a mermaid.  The face painter had not done one before but kindly accepted the challenge.

My daughter was incredibly pleased with the results.  

We had a lovely play with all the Bugaboo range.

My eldest really loved the bee3 and pushed it around.  At one point she wanted to get in.  The bee 3 has a new carrycot, new extendable sun canopy, new harness, new under seat basket and new fabrics and colours.

It was a lovely day and was really great to spend the day doing something different with my eldest before she starts school.  There was only one thing left to do before we went home and that was to watch the world pass us by.

This day I love Augmenting the bee in the city

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