Petanque to learn colours

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My youngest is learning her colours at the moment.  She knows all the names of the colours, it is just the matching up to the right colour that can sometimes be a bit tricky.  I like to make learning fun for her and so we often play games to help reinforce different colours.

Early this week my youngest and I played Petanque with a set from Plan toys.  The idea is that each team has a coloured ball, with Plan toys set this is a Brown Monkey, Blue Penguin or Orange Tiger, you throw your balls towards the smaller green or red ball and the team closest wins.  We played a little different.

I put the small green and red ball on the grass.  Then asked her to throw a brown or blue or orange ball towards either the green or red ball.

My youngest and her baby did really well.  They stood inside a circle and threw the right balls in the right direction.  The wooden balls are really brightly painted and just the right weight for a two year old to pick up.

I love the little cheeky patterns of the animals faces.  It was a lovely game to play with my youngest and a great way to have some fun whilst learning her colours

I was sent a Plan Toys Petanque set to review.  All words and opinions are my own.

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