Our travels with the Casual Play Q-Retraktor fix

We have now been using the Casual Play Q-Retraktor fix for a few months, you can read our initial thoughts here.  I have started to get pretty quick at installing and uninstalling, in fact taking it out the car now takes less than a minute and putting it back in less than 5 minutes.  

Recently I decided to take the Casual Play Q-Retraktor out to give it a good clean.  It is surprisingly easy to do.  The outer case can be removed meaning you can get to all the crumbs that fall through.  This is great if you have a messy toddler who makes a lot of mess in the car.  I could easily clean all parts of the seat.  

My daughter still loves the seat and still has not managed to take her arms out the straps.  I always take my girls out of their big winter coats before fastening them in the car seat.  I decided to see if the straps would fit over the coats, just for testing purposes, I noticed that the harness becomes quite tight as there is not much length to them, so if you had a larger child in a big thick coat you may struggle to fasten the harness.  However it is recommended that out door coats be removed before fastening a child in the car seat so this should not be an issue.

We have really loved our travels with the Casual Play Q-Retraktor fix.  My daughter has a clear view out the window and can see everything going past.  I know she is secure in the harness and she is comfortable.  She sat in it for the whole journey too and from Scotland, over 6 hours.  I have made a short video of some of our travels in the Casual Play Q-Retraktor fix.

#Welikegoingout and the Casual Play Q-Retraktor fix means we can go anywhere we want.  There really isn't much more I can say, I think the harness which acts like a retractable seat belt is such a great idea.  I love that this has made using a car seat safer, because there is less user error.

We have been testing the Casual Play Q retraktor fix for a few months, all words and opinions are my own. 

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