Disney's Club penguin

My daughter was recently invited to try Disney Club Penguin.  Club Penguin is an MMO aimed at younger players.  Each player sets up their own virtual penguin and can play games in the winter world.  Club Penguin is aimed at children aged 6 - 14 years but users of any age can play.  As Club penguin is aimed at younger children one of my concerns was safety

We all know that online you can pretend to be anyone you want, and for me this is a huge worry when my children are online.  Given that the inability to see who you are talking to also gives some people extra confidence and this can lead to online bullying.

A major focus of the development of Club Penguin was on Internet safety.  Club Penguin features an 'Ultimate Safe Chat Mode' which filters out swearing and prevents the user from revealing personal information.  Club Penguin also send out a welcome pack which include 3 important rules to stay safe online.

Be cool - Treat people how you want to be treated
Be Heard - Make sure your parents know what you are doing online
Be Safe - Keep name, age and school top secret

There are also some great pointers for parents about talking to kids about online safety.  All of this combined helped to reassure my safety concerns.  

Club Penguin was a little too old for my eldest, she is 4, so we didn't really get much experience in playing with the game to give it an in depth review.  From what I did see, it presents as you would expect from an MMO and there seemed to be a good number of users to interact with.  Everything was explained clearly, it is just a shame my 4 year old could not understand the concept of the game.

I was provided with a trial of Club Penguin in exchange for a post.  All words are my own opinion

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