a2 milk : November recipe

Back in September I started posting monthly ideas for a2 milk.  I started with something cold and showed that a2 can be used frozen and still taste great.  In October I used a2 milk in the slow cooker and with meat.  For this month I thought I would stick to my Yorkshire roots and use a2 milk to make Yorkshire puddings and mash potatoes.

Yorkshire Puddings


140g plain flour
4 eggs 
200ml a2 milk
sunflower oil, for cooking


I follow the following method for Yorkshire puddings.

I also made mash potato.  After peeling potatoes I find that if you cut the potato into small pieces it makes it easier to mash.  After the cut potato have been in boiling water and are soft, drain off the water and mash the potatoes.  Add a lump of butter and a dash of a2 milk to make the mash really creamy.

Prepare gravy and fry sausages.

a2 milk sausage and mash

This is perfect comfort food for those cold winter nights and both girls enjoy it

a2 milk is proving to work well in both savoury and sweet dishes and using a variety of cooking techniques.  My final recipe with a2 milk will be next month.

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