Karcher to the rescue

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It's that time of year again when I push home the pushchair after a long walk and its covered in mud, as is the dog and our shoes/boots. It's so cold outside that the last thing I want to do is stand out in the cold and scrub the wheels of the pushchair or even wash the dog outside in the freezing cold. It seems to take forever, fingers go numb and there just seems to be an endless drip of water from the hose pipe.

This year Karcher saved our summer. Karcher gave the girls endless hours of entertainment running through the water jets and it looks like Karcher will also be saving winter. How? Well they have three great spray guns that have made my life so much easier

The premium spray lance is perfect for watering hanging baskets. Our tomatoes grow in hanging baskets and for whatever reason I struggled to water them properly with the watering can. Not only that but I'd also tip most of the water over myself. The premium spray lance helps to reach all those difficult places, like hanging baskets and saved my tomatoes. As a joke my husband also commented that we could attach it outside like an outdoor shower. I'm not sure we have the weather for it,but its certainly an idea.

The girls loved this. This was perfect for watering the garden, water fights and washing the car. Easy to change between the different sprays and a quick and simple push on off button. The different spray jets, there are 4, meant I could water the garden and then go and wash the car or windows without having to change attachments.

Whilst this only has two options, mist to jet, this is perfect for getting mud off pushchairs and washing dogs. As karcher products have great power behind them too, I was able to clean the pushchair really quickly so I spent less time outside. Bonus for me as I could get I side faster and warm up.

Karcher has saved summer and saved winter, what's more if you are struggling with a Christmas present idea why not let karcher save your Christmas and pick one of the spray lances.

We were sent the spray guns for the purpose of review.  All words are my own personal opinion. 

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