Maverick books at Christmas

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It is no secret the girls and I love reading together. We recently received a bundle of books from maverick and feel they would make a great addition to anyone's collection. We received 4 books in total and the girls have enjoyed reading them all.

A scarf and a half
This picture book follows the story of a young sheep who receives a scarf from his gran for his birthday. This isn't any ordinary scarf it is a scarf and a half. This book had the girls laughing out loud. It is beautifully illustrated and one we have read several times.

Bibble and the bubbles
Ever wondered where the bubbles go after they float up into the sky. This rather original story explains the mystery of where the bubbles disappear to. A colourful and interesting read that will capture the imagination.

I wish I'd been born a unicorn
This is a beautiful rhyming story following mucky, the horse. Mucky wishes he had been born a unicorn and his wish comes true, but does he get more than he wished for?

Yuk said the yak
This book had the girls laughing out loud. A yak comes for tea and the boy try's to find something for him to eat. He offers him all his favourite food, but the yak says yuk. Even to cake. The girls find it really funny, especially when the yak finally found something to eat.

These are four really lovely books, all beautifully illustrated. They would make a great addition to any children's book shelf and a great Christmas present.

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