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You may have seen my tweets recently, the school run is always a rush. The cold wet weather is not helping as we walk to school. I often don't have time to have my breakfast as I wake up at 5.45 most mornings and then promptly get the girls and the dogs seen to. I often don't manage to get anything to eat until I get back from the school run.

9bar recently heard my tweets and sent me a rather lovely hamper to help me in the mornings. An alarm clock to keep me on time, an umbrella to help me in the cold and a thermos so I can have some hot chocolate (I can't drink tea or coffee) to warm me up on the school run. Best of all the hamper contained a selection of 9bar.

9bar do not include any additives or unnatural ingredients. They contain a blend of wholesome seeds and some contain crunchy nuts. My favourite two are peanuts and raisin and the cashew and cocoa. I was really impressed with the texture and taste of 9bar, it wasn't too sweet yet it still had a good flavour. I could eat it whilst taking the girls to school and I felt full up until lunch time too. Meaning no mid morning snacking which was usually the case with other cereal type bars.

I want to say thank you to 9bar for providing me a breakfast that is nutritional, maintains my energy levels and contains essential building blocks for good health. A breakfast that keeps me full until lunch and gives me all the energy I need to get through a busy day.

I am pleased to be able to offer a gveaway to win a 9bar hamper.  Follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter for a chance to win.  The giveaway ends on 27th November 2014 at midnight GMT.  Open to UK residents aged 18 and over.

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  1. the cashew and cocoa sounds very nice

  2. They sound lovely. The peanuts and raisins would be my first taste, I think.

  3. They sound so nice. Would love to try the peanut and raisin one.


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