A #NextmasWishlist

Christmas is just around the corner and I thought I would have a look around for things I might like for Christmas.  I know I can be pretty tricky to buy for so here are a few ideas

The first item on my wish list would be a new bed.  Our current bed is 9 years old and whilst that may seem nothing at all, the faux leather headboard and sides have started to tear and rip.  The bed does not look at all nice and I have had quotes to re upholster and discovered it is cheaper to buy a new bed.  I love this one as it has extra storage which is perfect for us

I would love a nice door mat by the kitchen door.  The kids and dogs use this door to get into the back garden so I often have muddy floors.  A door mat would be a great addition

May sound silly but I would love a new set of bath towels!

Our new spotty dog took a bit of a dislike to our current door stop.  No idea why one day she decided to attack it.  This now means I am without a door stop and could really do with a new one

Part of the renovations on the house, I am about to replace the flooring in one of the spare rooms to laminate and so would love to put a nice rug in there.  This light shimmer rug is beautiful and would go really well.

Top of my wish list of things to do is to have a new bedroom.  The current bedroom has fitted wardrobes and furniture that was fitted over 14 years ago.  It is looking dated and is not to my personal taste.  Add to this that the handles fall off on a regular basis and the drawers come off their runners, I am often left frustrated with the room.  I would love a magic fairy to come and transform the room.  I need lots of storage and love the idea of being in control of the space.

We have lots of lovely birds that come and visit the garden regularly.  The girls and I love to sit and watch them.  A couple have built some nests and it would be lovely to encourage some more with a bird house.

If you are really struggling then a Next Gift Card goes a long way.  I can add the amount to my directory account and save up for one of the items above!

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