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Since the girls came out of nappies I have gone back to using my regular bag, instead of the big changing bag. Space therefore in my bag is at a premium. When you add a change of clothes for the youngest, she is very messy, and some wipes there is not much room for anything else. Before with the changing bag I used to put a colouring book and some pens in for the girls to colour in whilst we were waiting places, like Dr or in restaurants. I was struggling to do this with my bag until I found Carddies.

Carddies are a great idea. The box is small and can easily fit inside my normal bag. The small size of the box shouldn't fool you because it is jammed packed full of fun. The box contains colouring pencils, stands, people cut outs and a cut out scene. The girls wasted no time in colouring in.

Each person cut out and the scene can be coloured in, both sides, giving plenty of entertainment to the girls. Once coloured in the stands can be attached so each figure stands up and then the fun can begin. With different scenes such as ballet, school and caveman, all that's needed is some imagination.

The girls loved both colouring, attaching the stands and then using their imagination to act out Various scenes at their ballet dancing school. Once finished everything can be packed neatly away back in the box ready for play another day. A great idea for those moments when you need to keep little ones entertained.

Carddies retail at £8.99 so would also make a lovely stocking filler or present for a school friend

I was sent a Carddies ballet set to review, all words are my own opinion. 

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