Boxing day bikes and a big mess

I know I haven't written Christmas yet but there is a reason behind that.  It is a surprise and hopefully all will become clear once it is ready to go live.

Boxing day was spent mostly outdoors.  We or rather I, had a horrendous night sleep.  The girls would not settle after all the Christmas excitement meaning it was gone 11 before they were both asleep.  They both got up several times in the night and finally woke up at 6.30 am.  Deciding therefore that the fresh air might help them sleep, most of the day was spent outside.

The girls were very pleased with this idea as it meant they could ride their new bikes.  My eldest is a little bit of a dare devil on it and kept heading for the scaffolding [more of this to follow in another post].  Whilst we tried to teach her to use her brakes she seems to prefer the crash into anything method of stopping.  My youngest on the other hand is much more cautious.

girls on bikes

The girls had a lot of fun riding around on their bikes.  Our dogs had lots of fun too, chasing tennis balls and generally playing with each other.  Spotty dog liked to keep taking time out from playing and it to keep an eye on events. 

spotty dog on watch

Spotty dog was just been clever.  Whilst we thought she was just watching us, she was actually waiting for our backs to turn.  She seized her opportunity and did this

spotty dog digs

Made a big mess.

The girls soon started to feel the cold, so we came back inside to warm up and play with a few other toys.  It was nice to get outside in the fresh air.  Hopefully tomorrow there will be some snow for the girls to play with

This day I love Boxing day bikes and a big mess

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  1. Naughty Spotty dog! Girls look like they loved their bikes and having each other to cycle with. I hope you catch up on your sleep now. Do link up with Country Kids

    1. Spotty dog is very cheeky. The girls love their bikes, Looking forward to country kids this year


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