It's Christmas eve

I cannot quite believe it is Christmas eve, it seems to have flown by!

We have a bit of a Christmas eve tradition of an afternoon walk.  It helps to break up the day and use up some of the excess energy the girls seem to build up because it is Christmas.  I also think the fresh air does them some good.

We had a lovely muddy walk, splashing in muddy puddles and of course running around.

Muddy walks

Our lovely muddy walked resulted in two girls having a warm splish splash when they got home.  They were very excited and asked when they could put out the milk and biscuits for Father Christmas.  Our spotty dog was all excited for her first Christmas and fell asleep straight after dinner.

sleepy spotty dog

After dinner the girls went outside to see if they could spot Father Christmas flying past.  It was really magical watching his sleigh [International Space Station] fly past.  Whilst I tried to capture a photo myself I struggled with carrying a 2 year old and excited 4 year old, my rather lovely friend Trudi has kindly said I could use her photo

Spotting the sleigh

[It is the very bright dot in the middle of the sky]

The girls were amazed that Father Christmas flew over their house.  It was truly magical.  My eldest then wanted to sprinkle the reindeer food, leave the key by the front door and of course cake, carrot and milk for Father Christmas and Rudolph.

magical keycookies and carrots left outReindeer food

The girls have gone to bed very excited after a magical day.  Spotty dog is still fast asleep and waiting for Santa Paws to arrive.

Shhhhh don't tell her but Santa Paws has already been

Santa Paws has been

This day I love It's Christmas eve

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