snow, sledges and gooey brownies

J loves snow.  He is happy rolling in it, chasing it and eating it.  He just loves snow

J in the snowJ waiting for more snow

Spotty dog has never seen snow before.  We let her out whilst is was snowing last night, but she didn't seem at all bothered.  This morning she discovered that she could eat snow and so spent most of the morning running round to eat up the snow.

spotty dog in snow

Having spent all morning out in the snow the girls needed to warm up.  We decided to go inside and make some of our Nutella brownies

making browniesfun with nutella

My youngest seemed to really enjoy baking with Nutella, although more of it seemed to be eaten than used for brownies.  We decided to add in some crushed ginger biscuit so give it a richer taste.  I think my eldest just wanted to hit the biscuits with the rolling pin [Yes that is a spotty dog trying to help with the baking]

crushing biscuits

We got creative with our brownies and turned them into cups.  It seemed fitting with it cold outside to have some hot chocolate and this seemed a fun way to warm up.  By placing an empty bun try inside the bun tray with brownie mix in, the brownie cooks round the outside creating a cup shape.

brownie mixmaking brownie cups

The brownies made a great cup shape, but we had to be careful to remove the top tray in case it had got stuck.  I tidied up the edges before removing them from the tray.

brownie cups

I decided to add a ginger biscuit onto the bottom of each cup, just to give it a bit more stability.  I stuck it on using the gooey off cuts from the edges.

making brownie cups more stable

Our cups were now ready for our hot chocolate.  

I decided to treat the girls to some of the new Gü hot chocolate.  Gü Puds have recently launched a new range of Gü hot chocolate.  The Gü hot chocolate comes in a 750ml carton and is priced at £1.99.  The Gü hot chocolate can then be enjoyed cold or warmed in the microwave for hot chocolate.  I warmed it a little for the girls and sprinkled some marshmallows on top.

brownie cups with marshmallows

The girls loved their warming treat, perfect for the snowy weather.

After they had warmed up it was back outside to play in their sledges. 

youngest on sledgeeldest on sledge

We had lots of fun playing in the snow and of course we had to have a sledge selfie

sledge selfie

This day I love snow, sledges and gooey brownies. 

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  1. This looks like a fab day, who doesn't love spending the day sledging and baking? I bet the girls really enjoyed getting to mess about in the snow and those gooey brownies look delicious and the perfect way to warm up! Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  2. OMG I am so doing that brownies tomorrow! Looks so yummy!

    I have snow envy as I am wishing for some. My son is old enough now to enjoy the snow and I know that he will enjoy playing on it. Hopefully we will get some in the future!


  3. Cripes you've been busy, those chocolate cups look good and I'm quite keen to have a cuddle with spotty dog #countrykids

  4. Ooooh, yummy! Sounds like my kind of treat ;-)


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