Family Frozen Frustration fun

With the snow starting to melt the girls wanted to make the most of it and play outside.  They loved playing on their sledges and I think would quite happily have spent all day and night on them.

Youngest on sledgeeldest on sledge

We had lots of fun playing and racing up and down the garden.  As night began to fall it was time to come inside and visit Grandma and Grandad and to say goodbye to their Auntie who was returning home.  We had our dinner and played a family game, Frozen Frustration.

Frozen FrustrationYoungest playing Frustration

The girls got really into the game, thought did not like it when they had to go back to the start.  Things soon began to heat up and it wasn't long before a winner was announced.

Frozen Frustration winner

The girls had a lovely day playing with family and playing in the last of the Frozen snow

This day I love Family Frozen Frustration Fun

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