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I'm going to be the first to admit I can always do with a hand when it comes to the house work. It isn't my favourite thing to do and yes it gets put to the bottom of the list. I like the idea of gadgets that help with the house work, in particular robot vacuum cleaners. With 2 dogs and 2 children running around vacuuming is a regular occurrence and one that is much needed.

Neato is a robot vacuum cleaner which aims to free up your time by taking care of all the vacuuming for you. It has the ability to charge itself, if it can find its charging station, meaning you can leave it and don't have to worry about it until later.

First impressions of the Neato maybe slightly misleading. It's quite large, not the most compact vacuum cleaner and its white plastic exterior with a small blue top doesn't give it a luxurious feel but then again what do you expect from a vacuum cleaner. When you switch the Neato on however it is a different story.

Neato has a lovely clear colour display. Options are displayed and can be easily selected. Information messages are displayed throughout, making the Neato very user friendly. Colour coded lights indicate charge or battery status, so no guess work if it needs charging. A full battery is enough to do an average sized living room.

I tried Neato across multiple floor surfaces, wood, tile, laminate, Lino were all cleaned with no problems. Carpet depended upon the thickness of the carpet. A normal carpet was fine but the thicker carpet Neato struggled a little. Neato has different cleaning patterns and left to its own devices does seem to be in a random pattern, but this seems to be the case with most robot cleaners. Neither of my dogs were bothered by Neato and just let it get on with cleaning.

Overall I wouldn't let fist impressions put you off, it may not be pretty looking but it certainly does what it was designed to do, clean the floor. Now if only I could find something to do the ironing for me.

We were sent a Neato for the purpose of review, all words are my own opinion. 

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