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All new Twizzles from Zuru toys are set to have children in a spin this Christmas. With six designs available berry, cherry, cinnamon, Carmel, sprinkles and peach, you can choose your favourite and mix and match between them. Twizzles are aimed at girls aged 3+ and I thought it would be perfect to let my youngest have a play.

Youngest playing with twizzlesYoungest doing twizzles hair

Twizzles come with a comb and hair accessories so you can do their hair. The hair clips in and so you can take it out if you wish and swap between different Twizzles. The hair accessories are quite small and so little fingers can struggle sometimes to attach them into the hair, but with help they get there.

twizzles with clip intwizzles and hair accessory

By pushing down on Twizzles you can make her spin around. My youngest really had fun doing this. Twizzles love cupcakes and by holding the cupcake against her nose will follow it. Please watch the YouTube video to see Twizzles in action.

Both of my girls aged 4 and 2 love to play with Twizzles. Some of the hair accessories do need grown up help to be attached as my daughters hands are just too small. They both love to brush and style her hair which is lovely and soft. Each Twizzles retails at £9.99 and would make a lovely gift for a friend for Christmas, or as a stocking filler.

We were sent a Twizzles to review.  All words are my own opinion. 

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