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Having 2 children who love messy play means I end up doing a lot of wash loads. Added to messy play is the enjoyment of mud and the inability to pass an opportunity to play with water. My washing machine never stops.

I have several requirements with a washing machine

1. It must be easy to use, I do not have time to spend ages working out which button to press and when
2. I like it to have a quick and economical wash. Saves me time if the girls have only got something a little dirty.
3. It must be good economically, I do a lot of washing so I don't want it to cost a fortune to operate.
4. It must have a built in dryer as I do not have the space for both
5. I need to be able to do large wash loads, as I have a lot of washing and like to be able to wash duvets.

The Servis WD1496FGR appeared to match all our requirements and so when we were sent one to review I could not pass up the opportunity.

So far the Servis WD1496FGR has managed to live up to all my requirements. It has a quick wash which takes 12 minutes and thanks to some very clever built in intelligence means its very economical. It can work out how much washing you have put in and then let you know how much powder to add. Fantastic to save some money and not use more than needed detergent. The clever sensor also means you are aware if you over load your washing and this then stops you filling too much so your clothes are cleaned more efficiently.

The drum on the Servis WD1496FGR is huge! I can fit a king size duvet in with no problems, which is great for those emergencies when your child spills something on your bed. I tend to use the daily wash which takes 30 mins, and it gives me a range of options for temperature and spin speeds, therefore allowing me to tailor the wash program to my needs.

The Servis WD1496FGR is a rather clever machine and really lends a helping hand at keeping the washing pile down.

I was sent a Servis Washer dryer to review, all words and opinions are my own.

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