A day of messy play

With my eldest at school, it was a day of indoor play for my youngest today.  

I wanted to do something fun with her but also something to help her learning and understanding.  We started by some messy play to help with colours.  My youngest knows all her colours but occasionally gets green and blue mixed up.  I used some shower gel and created lots of bubble with it, I then mixed in corn flour until we got a nice slimy mixture.

She had lots of fun mixing the slime

She loved the texture and that she could pull and stretch it.

She had lots of fun playing with the slime, but soon wanted to wash her hands.  This got me thinking of our next game.  I took the glue gun numbers I had made and placed them in the kitchen sink.

I filled the kitchen sink with water and added some food colouring.  We talked about the colour of the water and then went fishing.

We started fishing out the numbers and my youngest is starting to get very good at recognising the numbers.  Which I think is impressive for 2.

It was a lovely way to spend the day, playing and learning all at the same time

This day I love a day of messy play

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  1. What a lot of fun! It looks like you both had a great time! That slime looks fantastic x


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