Project 365 : week 4


sleepy JSpotty dog was rushed into the emergency vets, so when the girls woke up she wasn't at home.  There were lots of tears and everyone felt it all day.  J seemed to really miss her too and just wanted to cuddle


Spotty dog and his coneI picked spotty dog up from the vets today.  At first she was unsure of the cone of shame, until she discovered she could use it to hide food.  


Valentines messy playEldest and I had great fun with messy play.  We used shampoo and our dough smelt fantastic and was lovely and soft.  My eldest wanted to use Love heart cutters so it made for a wonderful Valentines Day play.


throwing snow ballsThe day the snow came.  What better way to start the day than a snow fight.  Whilst I appreciate this is not the best photo, I just love my daughters expression as she is about to throw a snow ball


sleepy spotty dogSpotty dog is recovering slowly.  She likes to have a lot of rest at the moment, as the smallest amount of energy seems to tire her out.


cheeky monkeyI just love this little monkey.  She jumped on my knee and started throwing my nose. [the game toddlers play where you pretend to steal a nose and throw it away]


music in the roundWe had a day out listening to music with Music in the round and their show Crazy creatures.  My eldest got really engrossed and loved the whole show, my youngest is too restless and would not sit still.

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  1. Glad spotty dog is on the mend! What a clever use of the cone....hehehe
    Lovely photos!

  2. Glad spotty dog is recovering, clever girl using her cone to hide food lol

  3. Oh your poor dog, hope the cone isn't hampering her sleeping?

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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