Before Spotty dog got poorly

This time last week Spotty dog was fine.  We had no idea of the drama that was to unfold

spotty dog watching

We had had a lovely walk exploring the woods and splashing in muddy puddles.  There was nothing different from any other day.

youngest walking

In my mind I keep replaying Friday to see if there is something I missed, something she did that perhaps caused the incident.  I can think of nothing.  This week has been all about getting her better and trying to keep her comfy.  I am hoping she gets better soon so we can all go out and play again.  The youngest has missed going exploring today 

happy youngest

Fingers crossed spotty dog is better soon

This day I love before Spotty dog got poorly

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  1. Get well soon Spotty Dog x

  2. Oh poor spotty dog, I'm glad you all had your woodland day and I hope there will be more to follow soon.

  3. I hope Spotty Dog is better asap! :(


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