Linked Week 12

Welcome to week 12 of Linked. 

I took a little Christmas break to spend time with family so Linked is a little later than usual.  Linked normal opens on Thursday and runs for the week. 

For those new to Linked, Linked is a weekly directory of Linky.  Come and add your Linky below or any Linky or blog hop you know about.  I will comment on all that are added and share on my twitter page.  It would be great if you could add my badge, so that more people know about Linked creating a more in depth directory.  As always if I can join in with the Linky I will.

This day I love - Linked

Linked also works in a reverse order, this means the latest to be added is first in the list.  If your Linky ends just as Linked starts feel free to add both your previous and current Linky to the list.

Look forward to your Linky and blog hops again this week and thanks for joining Linked!

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  1. Just remembered a question that I meant to ask when I commented before. My linkup runs for a month, can I add the same linkup each week so it appears on every list, or can I only add it once a month?

    1. Yes you can add the same linkup every week if it runs for a month or more. Or if you wanted to add up the first week it opens. It is up to you.


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