Christmas through the eyes of a child

I haven't written our Christmas post up as I wanted to do something special.  My eldest daughter was given a camera for Christmas last year and she simply loves taking photos.  She seeks every opportunity to take a photo, either with my phone, tablet or her own camera.  I thought it would be nice to record her memories of Christmas 2014.  

eldest on Christmas

Excuse therefore some of the blurry photos this is Christmas 2014 through the eyes of my 4 year old daughter
say cheeseclose up of her doll

opening presentsfamily time

pics of mummychristmas patterns

puppy cuddlessnowflakes

miloyoungest on christmas

spotty dog first christmaschristmas dinner

eldest selfieGrandad at dinner
Daddy at dinnerChristmas selfie
the treehappy christmas

 As you can see we had a lot of fun with family and I think my daughter has captured some beautiful moments.

christmas eldest

This day I love Christmas through the eyes of a child

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  1. I love this post. My seven year old received a camera for Christmas - I might do a similar type of post with his photos. It's a lovely way to see what they're interested in capturing.

    1. Thank you. I thought it was a more unique way of capturing Christmas. After all for me Christmas is about the girls so I think it fitting they are the ones to capture it for me. Would love to see your post if you do write one

  2. Aw, that's lovely that she enjoys the camera. Obviously loves the dogs very much, and Christmas jumpers! Looks like it was a great family christmas.
    All the best for the new year

    1. I love what she has captured. She does love the dogs a lot and I think she liked all the different patterns on the jumpers

  3. What fantastic photos! So special....Wonderful memories x

  4. I love this idea, Christmas through a childs eyes is how iit should be.
    Happy New Year

  5. What a fab idea! I don;t think it would work out as well with my nearly two year old, but I'll definitely try to remember this idea in a few years :) Happy new year!

  6. Hi Leyla! Great post and wonderful photos by a 4 year old!! Happy New Year! Found you on the #WeekendBlogHop!

  7. I absolutely love this! Bob is forever asking to take photos and I wondered whether to get her a camera for Christmas but decided to wait until her 4th birthday in May. I love it when children share our interests and Hope she loves taking photos as much as I do! Thanks for linking up with Share A Smile! x

  8. Aw so sweet! This definitely made me smile :) #shareasmile

  9. What a really lovely idea - most definitely a photographer in the making :) #shareasmile

  10. A good idea... and fun.... the pictures are also fun. :)

  11. The pictures are fun, and what a great way to look back at that Christmas.


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