Review : Weebledown farm Mill and Barn

My younger sister had a Weeble house.  She had 2 Weebles in it, and the house had a car and a swing.  My Mum still has it and it is one of the girls favourite things to play with when they go to visit.  Imagine how surprised I was to discover that the Weeble family are still around.

New to the Weeble range is Weebledown Farm.  There is endless wibbly wobbly fun to be had with over 10 products in the Weebledown farm family.  We were lucky enough to be sent the Mill and Barn farm [RRP £29.99].  The farm comes with Rusty Rooster Weeble and is recommended for ages over 18 months.

weebledown farm

The Weebledown farm Mill and barn features spinning windmill sails, slide, mill stone roundabout, rooster look out, nest, and a secret hide out in the back of the barn.

The girls [aged 2 and 4] have had so much fun playing with the mill and barn.  My youngest calls it her animals and asks to play with it at every opportunity.  Weebledown farm seems to be built very sturdy and even when my daughters put their fingers near the sails of the windmill, it stops immediately and did not hurt them.  Everything is well built and I hope it will last for over 20 years like my sisters Weeble house has.

mill and barn from behindWeeble windmill

We were sent the Weebledown farm Mill and Barn in exchange for review.  All words are my own personal opinion. 

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