Project 365 : week 3


beautiful muddy faceMy youngest is rather accident prone.  We had taken a walk round the country park with the dogs, my youngest tripped over her own feet and fell face first into the first muddy puddle.  She was covered in mud.  We had a cuddle and a giggle and she soon ran off playing again.


testing body washMy eldest is trying some new wash for her eczema and after swimming seemed a great time to give it a go


admiring the viewI needed to clear my head and get some thinking space.  I took the dogs on a walk and it was just lovely to admire the views.


Soft play rope bridgeI needed to make it up to the girls after such a rubbish week so far.  I took my youngest to do something she would love, soft play.  It was actually really therapeutic and lovely to hear her giggling and having fun.  This photo reminds me of a silent Sunday from back in October 2013


Late night in the carIt was another really busy day today.  I had meetings with clients all day which all ran over.  Really good meetings and fingers crossed they both happen as it would be amazing.  As a result the only picture I managed was of my eldest in the car as we went to pick up her sister from nursery


Posing in the woods'Take a picture Mummy' The first time she has asked me to actually take a photo of her.


Saturday  morning cuddlesSaturday morning after shower cuddles

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  1. awww bless her covered in mud! .. that is so something Joshua would do too! what a great capture with the show cuddles, so beautiful x

  2. Wonderful photos! It looks like you had a lovely week!

  3. Your little one looks so cute, even covered in mud. I also use Oilatum in the bath for my kids. Love, love the photo with the dogs, very atmospheric

  4. I love the last photo. And that wood carving is brilliant. #Project365

  5. Sounds like you have had a busy week. Love the last photo, so beautiful.


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