Sparkly carpets and bed time reading

It has been a quiet few days recently.  The girls are not sleeping well and are currently tag teaming sleep, which means I get none at all.  With little energy to do much it has been board games and reading books.  Today we ventured out.  We went carpet shopping.  Not very exciting, although my girls seem to be able to make it fun.

We need new carpet for the stairs and top landing.  The carpet is over 12 years old and was put in by the original owner who had the house built.  The original owner had 3 young children and a dog, it was then used by a couple with 2 young children and finally our two children and our dogs.  As you can imagine the carpet has seen better days.

We took the girls carpet shopping and I rather fancy stripes in the hall, I think it might hide some of the marks better than a plain carpet.  Our hall is oak, with plain neutral walls and a blue feature wall so I wanted something to go with the room.  The girls had other ideas.

I think my girls are the only people to be able to find Sparkly carpets.  Yes carpets with actual glitter built in them.  The boards where turned around but yet they managed to find them and then promptly started discussing which colour they would be having in their rooms.

choosing sparkly carpets

My youngest has a laminate floor in her room and so we will not be changing her floor.  My eldest however does need a new floor.  With her having eczema I want to change the carpet that is in her room to a hard wood / laminate flooring.  I wonder if they make sparkly laminate?

The girls were slightly disappointed I did not pick the pink with sparkles carpet, hope they like what we have fitted.

The girls were very well behaved whilst out.  After a spot of shopping we went home and the girls decided to spend the rest of the afternoon riding bikes.

At bed time my eldest was practising her words with me as we always do, and I caught my youngest doing the same.  She looked so grown up sitting on the chair telling a story from her book.  When she started singing jolly phonics songs I realised she had been taking in what her sister had been practising. 

youngest reading

This day I love Sparkly carpets and bed time reading

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  1. Aw, lovely post! Who doesn't like sparkly carpets and bedtime reading :O)

    Hopping over from #WeekendBlogHop

    Wishing you and yours a Happy new year, Kimmie x

  2. Great post, there is nothing better than a new carpet :)
    popping over from #weekendbloghop


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