Husbands perfect Valentines

I have heard it said that the way to a Man's heart is through his stomach.  I think my husband falls into this saying, he enjoys his food.  I think one of the things he would love for Valentines day would be breakfast in bed.

The question is what shall I make?

Option 1

Shall I go for the easy option of a nice cup of tea, cereal and a banana?  It would be easy to make and mean I can get to my breakfast much faster [selfish I know]

Option 2

Bacon Sandwich and coffee.  We all love a bacon sandwich in this house, it is our tradition to have a bacon sandwich on a Sunday morning.  Valentines day falls on a Saturday which means we would have bacon sandwiches on a Saturday and a Sunday, is that too many bacon sandwiches?  My husband isn't a big coffee drinker, but when he does he enjoys a proper cup of coffee.  This would mean I would need to buy him a coffee machine for Valentines day

Option 3

Full English breakfast and a cup of tea.  We both enjoy a full English and of course cooking one for him would mean I need to cook one for myself too.  I see this as win win.  However I would have a lot of washing up to do afterwards.

So which option do I choose? Let me know quick in case I need to buy anything in, or have you got any other suggestions.

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