Project 365 : Week 6

This week has been such a roller-coaster of emotions.  I have felt low for most of the week and just wanted to stay away from either online or real life people.  I can only apologies for my absence.  Normal service will resume. 


Bottoms up for juicingI spent the day at a bloggers event in Leeds.  #introjuicing was hosted by Currys and was a great day out.  We got to try some amazing juices, and do some Yoga.  I had never seen so much fruit.  I won an Instagram competition with this photo and won a juicer.  I have spent most of the week juicing things


Spotty dog sleepingSpent the day catching up with work and generally keeping myself busy.  The start of February is never easy and I just had to do things to take my mind of the week ahead.  Spotty dog is back to normal and up to creating mischief as normal. 


sisters graveToday would have been my sisters 30th Birthday.  


hiding in cupboardsI had to go to b and q to pick up a few pieces.  After 3 years of living with the hallway carpet we have finally saved up enough to get it replaced.  It needed replacing when we moved in and it feels so much better now it is finally done.  My youngest got a little bored in b and q and took to hiding in the kitchen cupboard displays. 


Weetabix strawberryWe received a new breakfast cereal to try and I have to say I really like it.  Will be publishing a review soon


winter sun funThe winter sun was so beautiful you would be forgiven in thinking it was Summer day.  My youngest had so much fun exploring the woods near us.  Kicking leaves and stomping in mud, it was a great afternoon.


parkrun viewAn early Saturday morning start.  I ran my third park run today.  Not sure why but today it felt hard.  I got heart burn half way round and had to walk for a bit which I don't normally do.  I did manage a PB so I must have been running fast. 

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  1. So sorry about your sister, this must have been an incredibly tough week for you, no need to apologise for anything, you do whatever you need to do - all of will still be here when you're ready!

    Love the sunny photo, it makes such a difference to a Winter's day. I hope next week is better for you, keep at the juicing, all that good stuff helps to left the spirits x

  2. No wonder it was a difficult week for you - I can only send you a hug and admire your strength from afar. The yoga day sounds perfect - my kind of blogger event. Love the sun photo x x

  3. big hugs lovely that you have been feeling down! let me know when your free and we will have to meet up and put the world to rights xx

  4. I hope there's a lot of sunshine and you feel better next week x

  5. Lovely photos!! Glad Spotty dog is back to normal!
    We love the Strawberry weetabix x


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