Maverick Books

We were very kindly sent three books from Maverick books

Preposterous Rhinoceros by Tracy Gunaratnam
RoboPop A Dad in a Box by Alice Hemming
Daniel O'Dowd was ever so loud by Julie Fulton

The girls love reading and book deliveries are met with great delight in our house.  They could not wait to get started on the books and immediately chose to read RoboPop.

RoboPop makes the girls laugh.  They love the story and they love looking for Dad hiding on the pages as he watches RoboPop.  It is a lovely book to read and a great one to practise your robot voice.  Daniel O'Dowd was next on our list.

Daniel O'Dowd was ever so loud, the book is beautifully illustrated to match the rhyming story.  The story follows Daniel who is very loud.  One day disaster is approaching Earth and it is up to Daniel O'Dowd to save it.  The girls love listening to what he does and the story is very captivating. 

Finally Preposterous Rhinoceros has to be my favourite of the three.  The story follows Rhinoceros who wants to read the bed time story to the animals.  Rhinoceros has never read the story before and so he must learn how.  This book is so lovely and with a daughter learning to read is such a great story to tell.

Three really lovely books which the girls enjoy reading, thank you Maverick books

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