How to create Elsa from Frozen Hair style

Ever since watching Frozen, my girls and many other children [as well as some adults] have been dreaming about rocking Elsa’s classy and loose braid.  With a little practise, the braid can be completed in just 10 minutes and all you need is a fine-tooth comb, a hair tie, a curling iron and hair spray. Here is a step by step guide to help you get the look and keep it looking cool all day long.  This guide has kindly been put together for me by Rock, Pamper scissors. 

Elsa Hair

Before You Start

This style works if your hair has not been recently washed, as freshly washed hair will be a little too smooth and silky. It is also possible to buy hair extensions from your hairdresser.


Elsa’s hair looks larger than life, so you will need plenty of volume to achieve the right look. Divide the hair into three sections and starting with the top section use a fine-tooth comb to tease the hair back towards your head then lightly comb the front section so that it becomes slightly frizzy. Repeat this with the other two sections.


Use the three volumised sections to create a French braid. Elsa’s braid begins at the upper back of her head, so this is a good starting point. Make sure the sections are big and chunky and the braid is nice and loose. As you get to the nape of your neck, braid to one side so that the braid drapes over your shoulder, then secure the braid with a clear hair tie. Pull at the sides of the braid to make even looser and more cartoon-like.


To mimic Elsa’s wispy bangs, pull out shorter pieces of hair from the braid so that they frame your face.  This will give the impression of bangs without having to go to a hairstylist. 


These wispy pieces now have to be curled to create a bouncing look. Use a curling iron to loosely curl the ends of your wispy pieces and then wisp them back again.


Now use your hands to style the wispy pieces back into place, laying them on the upper sides and top of the head. When they are perfectly positioned, secure them with hairspray to complete the look. Because this braid is very loose, you may well find that it falls out during the day, especially if your hair has recently been washed. In this case, you can secure your braid with strategically placed hair grips to keep everything in place. If you really want to look like Elsa, add a tiny blue bow to the end of your braid and you are good to go.

girls with Elsa

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