Updating a bathroom with Soakology

We moved into our house almost three years ago when my youngest was only a few weeks old.  At the time my focus was solely on my newborn and my eldest daughter who was under 2.  The girls are now older and at school which means I now have a few minutes to begin unpacking boxes, yes we have just started, and thinking about making changes to make the house feel more like ours.

One of the areas I want to change is the bathroom.  However, I like the bathroom with the exception of the bath and the taps.  The bath and the taps I feel let the overall bathroom down.  

The old bathroom tap

Rather than change the entire bathroom suite, it is less expensive to make a few changes such as changing the taps to give the room a more update modern feel.  I also feel it will help make the room more of my design than someone else.  

I began looking for a tap which had a modern feel and yet would not break the bank.  I came across Soakology and was impressed with the range.  Great taps with something to suit all tastes and all at affordable prices.  I selected my tap and was pleased with the speed of delivery.

modern tap

The tap is sleek and modern and features a waterfall spout.  Installation was straight forward and the whole look of the bathroom has been transformed.  By simply changing the taps in the bathroom the whole room has been brought up to date and made to feel more modern.  This is such a simple and inexpensive way to refresh a bathroom and to add a personal touch.

new tap in place

I was sent a tap from Soakology in exchange for this review.  

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