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Overcoming grief is difficult for everyone. Children find different ways to cope with grief, often asking questions as they try to understand the events that have unfolded. One of the ways I have found that helps my girls (4 and 2) understand complex emotions is through stories.

Missing Jack is a beautifully told story about companionship and over coming grief. The story focuses on Toby and his cat Jack. It sees the relationship grow between Jack and Toby, and to Toby Jack is the best cat ever. Jack grows old and then he dies. Toby is upset and trying to understand. He doesn't want another cat, he wants his cat, Jack.

Missing Jack

Whilst no cat can replace Jack for Toby, the story then sees Toby form a new relationship with a new cat called Humphrey. The understanding of this new relationship highlights to children that their loved one is never forgotten but new relationships can form.

The book, Missing Jack, is very beautifully illustrated and done in such a way to really help bring the important and sensitive issues to life, whilst being delicate to the subject matter. Missing Jack has got the girls asking lots of questions, but it has also brought about an understanding for them. I hope they don't have to use this understanding for some time, but when it does happen they can draw on this experience to help them cope.

Missing Jack is a wonderfully illustrated book which handles a sensitive topic with great care.

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