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As a full time professional blogger I am often asked if I worry about the on-line presence my children have.  To some extent I am, which is one of the reasons I do not mention their names on-line.  The other is because my children have grown up with technology and it appears to be second nature to them to figure out how the Internet works.  It is this second part which worries me the most.

I was talking with some other Mums at school and one of them mentioned their 6 year old now wants an Instagram account because their friends have one too.  Is 6 too young for a social media account?  I would worry the content that my child would share, images of them in their school uniform which would lead people to finding out where they are.  Would sharing of certain images also lead to on-line bullying?

youngest on computer

Maybe I worry too much, or am too paranoid?  I know plenty of parents who share photos or status updates I would not dare to share.  Maybe I should worry less, or perhaps I am not alone.  A recent survey by Myvouchercodes looked at what parents worry about the most with their children using technology:

·         On line bullying – 58% Extremely Worried

·         Accessing adult content such as porn, swearing, nudity, sex and violence – 49% Extremely                 Worried

·         Sharing inappropriate images – 49% Extremely Worried

·         Grooming – 48% Concerned

·         Access to extremism – 44% Concerned

·         Addiction to social media – 57% Concerned

·         Effects on Education – 66% Concerned

·         Privacy – 55% Concerned

·         Effect on long term health – 49% Concerned

·         Running up huge bills. – 65% Not at all Worried

Both my girls do have their own tablets, but I like to think we have put measures in place to control some of our worries.  We limit their screen time and what they can view.  We also talk to them about on-line safety.  What measures have you put in place and how do you feel about children and technology, does it worry you?

I took part in the survey for My voucher codes.  I wanted to share the results with you as it made for an interesting piece.

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  1. I find I am not that concerned about my children. I stay in touch with their social media accounts and discuss things with them as they come up. My kids are 13,12,11 and 10. I did not allow them any access before the age of 8. I make sure I have all passwords.

    1. Having the passwords is such a good idea. I think it can be hard sometimes finding the balance.


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