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My eldest is learning to read and as a result her younger sister is i king up on words and letters. I wanted something for her to help her learn her ABC, so she can feel just like her big sister.

I am aware of lots of DVDs on the market to do this, but they all seem pitched at learning phonics, or the alphabet and most don't seem to have much of story behind it, this means my yougest gets up and walks off because she cannot engage with the content.

I put the DVD on for the girls last night and sat with them reminiscing my childhood watching Sooty. Sooty was one of my favourite characters as a child and I think I still hold a soft spot. The DVD follows Sooty, Sweep, Soo and Richard embark on a letter learning adventure. Sooty ABC also supports the early years curriculum whilst encouraging a fun story.

The girls sat quietly and watched the DVD. They then started giggling, the big belly giggles. They become engrossed by the DVD and story, especially when Richard has a b on his head. This has become a joke in our house now. The girls watched the whole DVD, laughing away and saying the alphabet.

Watching Sooty

If you are looking for a DVD to help your children learn the alphabet, and letter sounds whilst having fun then I can highly recommend Sooty ABC. It would make a wonderful alternative Easter gift.

I have a copy of Sooty ABC on DVD to giveaway.  The giveaway closes on 19th March 2015at midnight GMT.  Entry is open to UK residents only and full terms and conditions are on the widget.

Sooty ABC

We were sent a copy of Sooty ABC to review, all words are my own persona opinion

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  1. Sooty,I had my phograph taken with a massve sooty and Harry Corbets arm around me,that was probably about 50 years age

  2. Definitely Sweep, he was always so cheeky.

  3. Has to be sweep!

  4. Sooty, wish he would tell me his secret about not ageing

  5. sweep. i used to love this program!

  6. Soo, definitely! Still love Sooty and Sweep as well!

  7. Sweep - I love the Sooty show - me and the kids went to see it at the theatre - it was hilarious

  8. sooty izzy wizzy lets get busy

  9. I love The Sooty Show, especially Soo

  10. Sweep
    Stephen Little

  11. I love naughty Sweep. Used to watch this as a kid and loved

  12. Sooty - Tracey F


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